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Ginreilab Inc. is a venture company started from KANAZAWA MEDICAL UNIVERSITY.

Scientists at Ginreilab developed the ICCP series using state-of-the-art biomedical techniques, knowledge, and experience.

We pursue the creation of new value by combining our developed technologies with medical advances for the goal of improving world-wide healthcare and helping make a happier world.  We move hand-in-hand with people and companies having the same vision as ours with respect to advancing new technologies for the future.

Our business vision is to develop, perfect and sell out high value products to meet needs in a range of industries: pharmaceutical, medical, bio-healthcare, and biotechnology. The Ginreilab team merges inventions and results from academia and other companies with our own technologies/knowledge to be deployed in the biotech and medical fields.

Our openness to learning and collaboration along with our commitment to quality has established a deep sense of credibility in the medical field.

The CEO of Ginreilab Inc. is a researcher and practicing Medical Doctor belonging to a medical research institute at the University of Japan.
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