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How to use ICCP?

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How to use ICCP?

There are two kinds of Methods (protocols) for ICCP:

Method A is a stand-alone use and assembling for co-culture after each cultivation has matured respectively. The advantage of method A is to culture separately in a different environment each at first and then couple the two vessels into a “co-culture state” where they can share liquid media.

Method B is coupling the culture vessels from the beginning using a small volume of culture media (lower than the connection port) and then add additional media to bring the two vessels into a “co-culture state”.  Method B is the easiest protocol for researchers to move from independent growth into the “co-culture state”. For researchers who would like to work “only co-culture”, we recommend method B.

Please choose your preferred method for your experiments.


Please refer to the movie (11min 46sec) of “How to use ICCP” for more details and examples.

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