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The topics of research has published at 「Co-culture studies to decode ‘biological PINs’ and exosomes 」 (WAKO-Blog)

A topical article about UniWells was published on the FujiFilm Wako Pure Chemicals website. UniWells is a tool for decrypting unknown biometric PINs. I am glad if you read the article. Direct Link to blog(Co-culture studies to decode ‘biological PINs’ and exosomes)

Sticker for an experimental notebook

Dear researchers, for those who want to purchase and use horizontal co-culture vessels such as ICCP and UniWells. Please let us know the type of cell you use through your agency. We will give you a sticker for the experiment notebook. (It is assumed that only the cell source and cell name will be published …

Free experimental co-culture plate note PDF

Since the number of Horizontal Co-Culture Plate users has increased, we will provide a PDF of experiment notes for users. Since we have created various patterns, please print and use favorite pages in PDF. ICCP experimental PDF Note Ver06Download

We are preparing to release connecting parts.

We examined the component mobility in the four-linkage and acquired data. It was a very good result and will be published in a paper. Coming Soon!!

UniWells TM distributor information in the world

If you are interested in the UniWells ( FUJIFILM WAKO pure chemical corporation), please feel free to ask the distributor with the information. information     name of products, distributor number, manufacturer number (Open in other windows) For example, UniWells(distributor number 384-14421 manufacturer number 2501-02FW) Direct LINK to the distributor information. Australia Bangladesh Brazil Chile China …

Our Recommendation about filter treatment is Ethanol treatment.

We can finally say that our recommendation is ethanol treatment, as it was a result that the penetration around 48 hours with ethanol treatment may be better than nothing. However, it seems that there is no problem with the way we used to do so by dipping in medium without this ethanol treatment.     …

Troubleshooting information Ver2.35

We answered the question from the customer. Here are some points that you need to pay particular attention to. For customers who have purchased ICCP Ver2.35 Summary For the passage of liquid factor through the filter, fill the passage (filter surface) with enough solution. The recommended way to preprocess filters is washing with pure water and …

Updated the privacy information

We updated the privacy policy and contact-form. The latest information is described in the website for Japanese Researcher. Please visit and get the latest information via google translator module.

How to use nonstandard filters

We added the information about nonstandard filters. ICCP is a simple method for co-culture technics and has merit to use various type of filters. We are dealing with a track-etched membrane, however, when you want to use another type of membranes, you can use it by using a commercially available punch 13 mm diameter. We …

New Distributor information in Korea!

New official Distributor in Korea! PhileKorea (Korea)  

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