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Yearly Archives: 2018

New products information! multi-connective co-culture plate

We made the only product in the world. It is a co-culture plate that can be connected in a large number in the horizontal direction. We will release on the market in spring, 2019.    

ICCP 96 well size adapter is now available.

ICCP 96 well size adapter is now available. This product enables the ICCP to observe the four sets of ICCP at the same time.  

New paper about ICCP is now published!

Published paper information.   The review about exosome and co-culture study has Published at (Biol. Pharm. Bull. 41, 1). In the paper, ICCP is introduced as a HTCP (horizontal type co-culture plate). There are two types of co-culture plate which are separated by the filter, the one is a vertical type and the other one is a …

ICCP web site is now open.

New co-culture technology ICCP-website is now open.  

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