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Uploaded troubleshooting information Ver2.33

We answered the question from the customer. Here are some points that you need to pay particular attention to. For user’s troubleshooting Ver2.33 Summary For the passage of liquid factor through the filter, fill the passage (filter surface) with enough solution. The recommended way to preprocess filters is washing with pure water and PBS after 1 …

Updated the privacy information

We updated the privacy policy and contact-form. The latest information is described in the website for Japanese Researcher. Please visit and get the latest information via google translator module.

How to use nonstandard filters

We added the information about nonstandard filters. ICCP is a simple method for co-culture technics and has merit to use various type of filters. We are dealing with a track-etched membrane, however, when you want to use another type of membranes, you can use it by using a commercially available punch 13 mm diameter. We …

New Distributor information in Korea!

New official Distributor in Korea! PhileKorea (Korea)  

Distributor information is updated!

Web site information of FUJIFILM WAKO Pure chemical corporation about UniWells TM is updated. UniWells TM is the same products as ICCP ( Horizontal type co-culture plate ). Fujifilm WAKO pure chemical Co., Ltd  (USA, Japan, EU, China, ASIA)

Distributor information is updated!

New official Distributor in Germany Xceltis (Germany )

Distributor information is updated!

  AR Brown Co., Ltd  Link to contact form to AR BROWN      ICCP_flyer.pdf AdvantigenBioScience (USA) BulldogBio ( USA and Canada )   Fujifilm WAKO pure chemical Co., Ltd  

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